Guardian Nature Twist

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Guardian Nature Twist

Typical guardian animal deck with a focus on nature spells.

"Loose Fast or Win Long, The Druid Story"

This deck is full of win conditions that can compete with most popular decks.  It's similar in play to the Mylagos or Ysera decks popular in druid right now but it synergizes much better throughout the game.  This deck while like these will likely skip the first turn is not a ramp.  Instead of putting all your eggs in the ramp and drop there are many good combos to use throughout the game.

Starting Hand

You want to play a Fangbound Druid when you hit 3 mana.  the Thornguard Turtle is there as a safety net I'm not going to go into individual matchups right now but if people like the deck, maybe later. 

Without a Fangbound Druid: hold Nature Studies, Shan'do Wildclaw, Guff Runetotem, or Speaker Gidra

You may be tempted to hold an Innervate but don't, if you play this card before 7 you're in a tough spot.  

Pre 7

You will likely skip levels 1/2 and drop something threatening on lvl 3.  The most stable solution is a Fangbound Druid with a Teacher's Pet in hand.  If you're going second toss that coin to get the Fangbound Druid out on 2 if you have a beast in hand to benefit from deathrattle.

Speaker Gidra + (Mark of the Wild or Ironbark)

 - a 5 cost 2 card combo that leaves you with a 5/9 rush/windfury/taunt  a Nature Studies can be a great buff for speaker especially if you're at 6 mana with a Guardian Animals in your hand 

Guff Runetotem

 - if you can set Guff behind a taunt or uncontested they will have to burn a removal to get rid of him.  If guff sit's uncontested for a turn you can make them pay with a plethora of nature spells.  A quick germination on him or an ironbark on a friendly will reap rewards.

Shan'do Wildclaw

 - A nice stable backup for round 3 that can clear most 1/2 mana problem childs or just soak a round.  This early you can +1/+1 all beasts in your deck

Plaguemaw the Rotting

 - pretty self explanatory, set out a taunt creature or buff one with an Ironbark and set Plaguemaw behind it.


- this along with Shan'do Wildclaw, and Germination will artificially increase the strength of your force on the board by duplicating beasts. try to get one of the +2 buffs on a beast and the duplicate it for double the fun.

Save Those Spells

All these early threats are just bait.  Don't waste all your spells on them.  You have a 5/9 Speaker Gidra?  Don't throw 4 more buff cards on it.  These early combos are just bait. 

By 8 mana you should have Deviate Dreadfang or Guardian Animals. Or hopefully both.  If your early game was fairly strong you should have been able to soak up a number of ways for them to deal with scaling problems but now you have more scaling problems.  Use your Mark of the Spikeshell and Twilight Runner to keep high cost cards in your hand and keep on pummeling them.

Killer Combos

By the time you get to 10 you will have hopefully not run out of cards, if you did, you pushed too hard early.  Don't fear taking some damage early on if the cards don't come.  And all of these cards will continue supporting the high mana game.  They will run out of ways to deal with the continual threats you keep pummeling them with.

10 cost

Moonfang + Ironbark + Germination

Guardian Animals + Ironbark + Mark of the Spikeshell

Deviate Dreadfang + Ironbark + Mark of the Spikeshell

Deviate Dreadfang + Innervate + Innervate + Germination + Ironbark

Finally drawing those level 3 legendaries with your Twilight Runner? Watch them struggle to decide what to leave on the board

Guff Runetotem + Germination + Speaker Gidra

got a Deviate Dreadfang or Moonfang in your hand? prep up an unbeatable board with

Fangbound Druid + Mark of the Spikeshell + Fangbound Druid



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  • CaptZoey's Avatar Supporter 555 117 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    This deck takes a little bit of skill to pilot properly, but boy did I have fun playing it. Thank you for the listing!


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