Alabaster Sigilglider Demon Hunter

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Triggering 200 Sigils for the VENGEANCE... Next Turn achievement may seem quite tedious, but this deck was built for the express purpose of knocking out the achievement in a fun and efficient way.

For the sake of playing as many Sigils per game as possible, the deck runs both copies of Sigil of Silence, Sigil of Flame, and Sigil of Summoning alongside Educated Elekk. And, since Educated Elekk is the only beast in the deck, N'Zoth, God of the Deep can bring it back, allowing you to shuffle even more copies of the Sigils back into your deck.

However, just playing Sigils for the sake of knocking out the achievement is boring, so there's a reward for playing all the Sigils: the Keymaster Alabaster Glide combo which a discount from Illidari Studies or Skull of Gul'dan opens the door to explore. I mean, what better payoff for playing all these stall cards is there than 5 1-mana cards from the opponent after you shuffle their hand back into their deck? (We're counting the card you get from their natural draw as the 5th card)

Flightmaster Dungar made the cut in the deck as well mainly because we wanted to experiment with him, but the heal for 10 really has helped us to stabilize against aggro decks...

The rest of the deck uses a Deathrattle package as a way to ensure you're keeping enough pressure on the opponent to stay alive long enough to draw and play a ton of Sigils. We've got a highlight video with a number of really fun games at or below if you'd like to see the deck in action. Have fun experimenting!

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