Prehistoric Stampede

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Meme deck for fun with big beasts and their interactions. Don’t play this in ranked diamond or you can expect a sub 40% winrate.

Some of the fun interactions: (some of these use discounts from Scarlet Webweaver)

Tundra Rhino + Gahz'rilla + 1-4 Rapid Fires = 12 to 96 damage.

Beastmaster Leoroxx + Tundra Rhino + other big beasts = lots of board presence and damage (Giant Sand Worm can go through a lot of taunts) and you can use Rapid Fire on Gahz'rilla.

Starving Buzzard + small beasts = draw.

Dreadscale + Serpentbloom = Board clear (you can also use Serpentbloom on a small beast).

Tavish Stormpike + Houndmaster Shaw + a big beast = a very large board.

If you don’t have some of the big beasts you can put in others like King Krush.


By the way I’m working on 2 other decks with Gahz'rilla that are a lot less meme and so far have above 50% winrates in diamond 5-1 mmr in testing. So after a while when those are refined and get to sample size of 100 games I’ll post those as ranked decks, this one is just for fun.

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    Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    I know this isn't a very good competitive deck or guide or anything but it's fun for me so I want to save it on here.


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