NightmareCwb's 12 Wins C'thun Dragon Priest

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

Mindrender Illucia Card Image
Shadow Mend Card Image
Hero Power
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NightmareCwb's 12 Wins C'thun Dragon Priest

Drocomurchanicas is not the only Dragon Treasure to see very little play in its own class: Mindrender Illucia has Herald of the Scaled Ones, introduced a few months ago with the Darkmoon Races mini set. On the other hand, building a fully fledged Dragon Priest is much easier, and NightmareCwb did it. With Shadow Mend as cycle and heal tool, you leave Mind Tether's damage output to your massive boards and C'Thun, the Shattered. Cute deck overall, that exploits niche Passives like Dragon Affinity and Dragonbone Ritual (but Dragonblood still sucks!) for a rather amusing game experience.

Passive Treasures chosen by NightmareCwb during their 12 wins run

First pool - Dragon Affinity

Second pool - Battle Totem

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