Aggro Overload Shaman (UiS)

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Shortly before MatDF dropped I actually had the time to grind a Deck to Legend. That Deck was a similar Aggro/Face Overload Shaman such as this. Because I was pretty tired of playing that type of deck after I reached Legend, I didn't adjust/test out new cards that might fit into it with the following expansions.

However, now that Overdraft was announced (which btw imo looks really fucking strong), I felt that it was time to return to this deck and look if it could be optimized with newer cards. 

So besides Overdraft I slotted in cards from Madness and the Core set into this Theorycraft. (oh, also added Serpentshrine Portal, which I didn't play previously, but already saw in alot of similar decks) 

I'll play it a whole lot to decide if I liked the old cards better or these new Candidates. To me it's clear that Overdraft will probably not be replaced, but let's see maybe I'm wrong. 


Edit: Just saw the shaman questline and couldn't resist adding it to the deck, even though it seems like a pure 'win more' card for this deck. Since I was already at it I also replaced the remaining voracious Reader with Daddy Roame (who is a bit expensive for this deck, but at this point screw it, optimization is delayed for now)

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    Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Nice deck! I theorycrafted my own version 2 days ago, looks similar enough;


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