UiS Quest Secret Hunter

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Looking at cutting:

- Tox Reinforcements (unsure if good enough it seems really solid post-quest? But I don't know how much difficultly it has closing out the game post-quest)
- Dragonbane Same deal. It's not a Spawn fortunately/unfortunately.
and maybe
- Wound Prey - procs quest, makes a 1/1 rush body, and is a ping for one mana but it feels really low impact otherwise.
- Flanking Strike - procs quest, is a very solid card, but may be too high on curve. 
Additionally Subject 9 might be too slow/not draw enough secrets but I really don't want an empty hand with this deck I feel - this one feels like a playtesting one.
Possible adds:
- Eaglehorn Bow,
- Loatheb
- Lesser Emerald Spellstone(?)
- If Dragonbane is cut, compare Kazakus Golem Shaper Good to Rinling's Rifle.
- Possibly 1x Rat Trap?
Secret Keeper not included since it's not going to be played on 1, so I feel skeptical about it sticking.

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