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Hello everyone! As a Mage main in HS, this was my first deck to theorycraft after all of the cards were revealed. We all had the taste of Mozaki, Master Duelist Mage in standart before the Core Set happened and it was completely fell from grace as some of it key cards (Frostbolt , Sorcerer's Apprentice) were no more in Standard. United in Stormwind, on the other hand, is coming with some cool cards that can make Mozaki Mage great again.

I only have five minions in this deck. Mozaki, duh! Taelan Fordring to draw Mozaki if we didn't already and two Mailbox Dancer for the coins to fuel Mozaki even more. Bloodmage Thalnos for spell damage and card draw as well. We need to stay alive, has enough mana cheat with Incanter's Flow and finally go off with Mozaki with the help of Ignite and Runed Orb

Surviving In Stormwind?

Well, that's a great question. I've been wondering that myself. Current meta is aggressive with Hunters and Shamans running around. I can't really tell how will it look with the upcoming expansion. Our general path is to survive until we have enough damage with Mozaki. Since this deck only plays 5 minions, we won't be on the board much. For that reason, we need to clear the board most of the time and Mage has enough of those, with the brand new practical removal Fire Sale. We can even draw a card when we don't need to clear the board thanks to the new keyword Treadable. 

I also put questionable Ring Toss for the purpose of Ice Barrier. You might think it is hard to Corrupt the spell to have the full effect but even one Ice Barrier can be game-deciding. Plus, we have Taelan Fordring and Refreshing Spring Water to help with those.

Who's Ready For A Little Showdown? 

IF everything goes well, we will most likely win thanks to Mozaki's Spell Damage. Like I said before, main goal is to burn them with Ignite and Runed Orb and pray that some of these cards' mana are reduced. We have potential coins, Hot Streak, First Flame and Conjure Mana Biscuit to fuel Mozaki. We can use Ignite to clear the board as well because the more we use the card, the stronger it gets. I don't think this deck will suffer from card draw but of course, there will be match-up where won't be able to draw perfectly. We can use the good old Cram Session with Mozaki if we really need to.


Incanter's Flow:  I hate to say it but this card makes this deck work most of the time and everything gets so much easier. So look out for that!

Primordial Studies : This spell can help us go through the deck faster, plus contesting the board for a potential strong early turn. 

Mailbox Dancer: Good early game minion which gives us coin for Mozaki or other stuff.

Arcane Intellect: Probably always staple in these kind of Mage decks but we might prefer Cram Session if we already have Primordial Studies.

First Flame: Good for early removal. A gift that keeps on giving!

Bloodmage Thalnos: Spell damage and a card draw. What can I say more?


Well, nothing is set as of now but we will probably struggle against fast, aggro decks like Hunter, Shaman and potential new Warrior Quest : Raid the Docks. We have enough clear to deal with their board but we can't do anything about their weapons other than having an Armor thanks to Ice Barrier.

Handlock or Self-Damage Warlock might be one of the good matchups as well as some slower Priest decks. Beware of Mindrender Illucia though. 

I can't really give good advice about every deck but like I said multiple times before: just try to survive 4Head. This might look like a meme deck but hey, who doesn't like meme decks that can destroy the opponent with the right draws. I know what I am going to play on the 3rd of August. I hope you try it too. 


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