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Card choices:

Pounce, Amulet, Feral rage and Park panther: You need these to complete the quest. If you cut any of these that means the deck doesn't work and you should play something else.

Guess the weight and living seed: Turn two card draw. So basically, you don't really want to hero power turn two if you can help it, because one amulet or one feral rage completes step one. You want two mana cards, and while guess the weight is just a good card that rewards the more skilled player, Living seed draws turn 3 park panther or wickerclaw, which is particularly great as either a 1 or 0 mana card because you really want to couple it with an attack from your hero. I think wickerclaw is skating under the radar because people don't really think about what it looks like unanswered. Every instance of your hero gaining attack gives permanent stats to this thing, and it can quickly kill anyone without a way to deal with four health on turn two.

Mark of the spikeshell, solar eclipse, kodo mount, arbor up, dreaming drake, nordrassil druid, samuro, dungar and naralex: What a pile. I assume people will consider these the 'weird picks', but they all came together because of how well they play together. Spikeshell is a 'combo' piece that you're fine casting on something other than guff in aggressive matchups, and can be gamewinning against aggro if you play it on a turn 5 corrupted dreaming drake. It can also be used to enable samuro. Likewise, naralex and kodo mount have samuro synergies, but they also synergize with themselves. Both naralex and dungar can provide you with a target for kodo mount that your opponent cannot react to. Dungar in particular can curve into kodo mount, give you more life to leverage as removal, or give the deck a bit more reach. Nordrassil druid corrupts your dreaming drake and amulet, lets you cast the latter for free, and has synergy with kodo mount (becoming a 5 mana 7/7 rush deathrattle get a 4/2 rush) and arbor up ('only' a 2 mana 6/5). Arbor up is just an all-around great card, and also has relevant synergies with samuro. Solar eclipse has been a struggle to keep in the deck, it's been in and out over the past few days, specifically for Twilight Runner. Sometimes it's a dead draw when you just need anything else, and sometimes it just wins the game for you by letting you gain 8 attack and kill them. I think the good outweighs the bad so far. Need armor? Solar into feral rage for 16 armor. Face? Solar into any buff or attack spell. Priest? Guff solar spikeshell repeat. Solar arbor up still randomly wins games.

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    I actually never thought of Nordrassil Druid, but it actually looks fantastic in kind of deck. I wanted to make a list just like this but I had no idea where to start. Gonna use yours as a template for day 1 shenanigans.


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