Odd UiS Quest Hunter

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Invalid Deck IDThings that didn't make the cut:
- Tour Guide: Didn't think it was useful enough after the quest but maybe quest is too slow.
- Arcane Golem: Not sure if the deck needs burst/might be to have Spell + HP after quest as a finisher.

- Not a big enough Deathrattle package for Undertaker.
- Didn't want to run 1 cost weapons for a Pirate splash
- Don't think Aimed Shot makes the cut - it's 3 damage to minion, 2 to face which seems severely underwhelming  (Replaced Animal Companion after seeing a standard quest version playtested and remembering that targeting minions is questline phase one reward.) 

- Not sure if Leper Gnome should be cut for something like On the Hunt (for extra quest procs).
- Powershot might make the cut? It can't go face but deals 2/2/2 to board.


Cut Peasant for Voracious Reader for possibly more reliable draw.

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