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This deck plays the new Questline 'Defend the Dwarven District' and the aim of the deck is to activate the final step of the Questline as quickly as possible and thus receive a similar hero power to that of 'Shadowreaper Anduin' in combination with 'Raza the Chained'. 

The main engine of the deck is 'Lock and Load', which will hopefully give you lots of fuel, both spells and minions to carry you into late-game.The deck also utilizes the power of 'Master's Call' in order to refill your hand with useful cards after using up a lot of spells as fuel for your hero power. The beasts that are included in this deck are either: Beasts that will generate you more fuel for your hero power (Shimmerfly and Venomous Scorpid), or beasts that can be useful in clearing the board or disrupting your opponent's deck (Bad Luck Albatross and Dreadscale).

This deck also takes advantage of the new and exceptionally powerful card 'Devouring Swarm' as additional way to refuel your hand and impacting the board. Powerful plays that you have available to you is: Play Venomous Scorpid + Devouring Swarm on a big target to effectively get a 0 mana Assassinate, or to immediately activate the Deathrattle from Bad Luck Albatross and get another one back into your hand against Reno decks, thereby deactivating all their no-duplication cards (Zephrys, Reno).

As a final ace up the sleeve, you have available to you one of the most powerful board clears in all of Hearthstone, namely Dreadscale + Serpantbloom. Be mindful that Serpantbloom can also somewhat easily be discovered by 'Resizing Pouch' of which there are 2 of in the deck.

In general, this deck will have a good time playing against Reno Priest and Reno Mage, assuming you can get your Bad Luck Albatross killed early enough, and also a good match-up against aggressively-slanted board-focused decks such as Odd Hunter or Pirate Warrior because of all the removal.

You will likely struggle against combo decks such as APM mage or Pillager Rogue, as this deck offers you no hand disruption or mana disruption and you will likely not be able to kill them fast enough and Secret Mage will also be a tough match-up because of your lack of healing.

Have fun Pew Pew-ing!

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    Just put in Flarefor APM Mage.


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