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The Brave and the Bolner: Trigger Battlecries with Bolner 25/50/100 times.

Figured this achievement would be impossible to claim without opening or crafting Bolner Hammerbeak? Think again. Our first challenge here is generating a copy of Bolner himself. This is the bad part: our only option is through Brightwing, which pulls one random Legendary minion from the entire Standard pool. So that's one chance in 143, or approximately 0.7% odds every time you play Brightwing. The good thing is, as Rogue, we can abuse bounce effects like Shadowstep, Youthful Brewmaster, Potion of Illusion, and Tenwu of the Red Smoke to proc Brightwing many times in a match, considerably speeding up the amount of time needed until we manage to generate a Bolner. The main thrust of the deck is divided between bounce effects, card draw, and removal, allowing you time to rush through as quickly as possible through your deck and try those Brightwing procs. Taelan Fordring is guaranteed to tutor Brightwing for you if you haven't drawn it already!

But how are we supposed to trigger Bolner's effect 100 times if getting a Bolner into our hand is so troublesome? This is the good part, the magic trick: an infinite setup! This is the trick, on an empty board: Play Youthful Brewmaster or Tenwu of the Red Smoke (you can bounce back a minion here to empty your board).  Remove the card you just played, via Shadowstep or by dealing damage. Play Bolner Hammerbeak. Now play Kindling Elemental. Bolner's effect will activate, bouncing the Kindling back into your hand, but the Kindling's Battlecry will cause it to discount its own mana cost to 0. Now all you have to do is play the Kindling Elemental as many times as you can in one turn, and each time Bolner will trigger, getting you one step closer to that achievement! Yes, it's an APM challenge!

Even if the cycle is just a one card play, I don't expect you to be able to do it 100 times in one turn, but sure at least one third of the achievement can be done in one turn? And here's the other brilliant bit: You always have your Kindling bounced back to your hand, if you can bounce Bolner himself back to your hand with Shadowstep or Potion of Illusion, you're all set to continue the achievement farming if you find your next Brewmaster or Tenwu! Thanks to this setup, I don't realistically expect you to need to generate Bolner Hammerbeak more than twice. Suddenly it doesn't seem so bad, now does it?

Budget replacements: The only expensive cards in this list are Tenwu of the Red Smoke and Potion of Illusion. However, they are not required for this deck to work, they mainly improve consistency. I myself only have one copy of Potion of Illusion and no Tenwu, and there's little point in crafting cards so you can avoid having to craft a different card for an achievement. Possible replacements are cards like Wicked Stab (Rank 1), Armor Vendor, Shroud of Concealment, or Silverleaf Poison. Truly, no dust is required to make this achievement happen! Best of luck!

NOTE: This deck has not been tested yet and is a theorycraft. The exact nature of the setup will slightly vary depending on exactly how Bolner interacts with targeted Battlecries, but the decklist itself should remain the same.

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    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago

    There is a bug with Kazakus that can insta give you all battlecrys.

  • SunsetAlchemist's Avatar 225 24 Posts Joined 02/03/2020
    Posted 1 year, 4 months ago

    That's pretty brilliant! Nice!


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