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The goal of the deck is simple: Complete the questline as quickly as possible, then use The Juggernaut to generate incremental advantage until your inevitable victory!

You want to mulligan for cheap pirates -- Bloodsail Deckhand and Harbor Scamp are ideal. You should generally send weapons back, although you might want to keep the Whetstone Hatchet if you think it'll be useful in your matchup (for example, if you can combine its attack to deal 3+ damage against an elemental shaman's early minions).

Use your early turns to advance your quest and keep the opponent in check. Once The Juggernaut is in play, develop your board while using your weapon to clear the way or to weaken your opponent.

Note: The Nitroboost Poisons are flexible slots. Swap them out according to the prevalent meta: Rustrot Viper or Acidic Swamp Ooze if there's a lot of weapons, Ogremancer if there are a lot of spells, Coerce if overstatted minions are popular, etc.

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  • clawz161's Avatar The Undying 825 805 Posts Joined 07/16/2019 House Light is Off
    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I got the warrior quest from packs and I had rokara already so I figured I'd try this out even though I don't play standard at all, and I have to say this deck is great. Played over 20 games with it from bronze to upper silver and I only lost one game because the shitty HS client crashed. Most games I was able to play the juggernaut on turn 7 and win shortly after.


    If I could change anything I'd say the athletic studies were pretty lackluster, but I don't play standard enough to know what to replace them with.


    I hope you make a wild version. 


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