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    This is a deck revolving around the new Hunter quest Defend the Dwarven District and the powerful wild card Baku the Mooneater. With only odd-cost cards in the deck, your hero power deals twice the damage and with the Hunter quest fulfilled, costs 0 and refreshes each time you cast a spell. Aimed Shot is a new spell from United in Stormwind that costs 3 and does 3 damage while giving your next hero power 2 additional damage. This new spell helped inspire this deck. I wanted to see if it was possible to create a deck with only odd cost damage spells to fulfill the Hunter quest and found it was indeed possible. Arcane Shot, Wound Prey, Kill Command, Rapid Fire, Aimed Shot, and Baited Arrow all provide cheap damage spells that can fulfill the Hunter quest and at the same time clear the enemy board or go face with your opponent. As a twinspell, Rapid Fire is particularly good at fulfilling the Hunter quest, while Baited Arrow can also provide you with a 5/5 minion should you need one. Lock and Load, while not a damage spell, can provide you with additional Hunter cards each time you cast a spell, providing a way for you to utilize your mana crystals fully in the later game.

    This deck also runs the side quest Toxic Reinforcements, which provides you with 3 2/1 Leper Gnomes after you use your hero power three times. Leper Gnomes are a good way to further damage your opponent even when they die with their death rattle effects. The deck also runs powerful battlecry minions such as Venomous Scorpid, which not only has poison but allows you to discover a spell. Barak Kodobane allows you to draw additional spells, while Malygos the Spellweaver fills your entire hand with spells. Another new card with United in Stormwind, Entrapped Sorceress also allows you to discover a spell while you have either Defend the Dwarven District or Toxic Reinforcements active. Finally, I added in Malygos whose +5 to spellpower allows your damage spells to become lethal indeed.

     While playing this deck, remember to mulligan away expensive cards such as two Malygos in favor of cheap spells that fulfill the quest that you start with. I hope anyone who likes this deck tries it out in wild when the expansion comes out on August 3rd. Thank you very much!


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