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General Playstyle: 

The goal of this deck is to complete Defend the Dwarven District as quickly as possible using the large number of 1-cost damaging spells in the deck, ideally playing Tavish, Master Marksman on turn 5, and proceeding to quickly close out the game with a combination of 0-cost Hero Powers and damage spells to the opponent's face, similar to Reno Priest.

Always try to keep at least 2 damaging spells in the opening hand, or a damaging spell and a Peasant going first, you need to play 4 damaging spells as soon as possible, and ideally 6 before turn 5, but be wary of using all your resources before you can actually start closing out the game. In aggressive matchups your main goal is to keep your opponent from building a board before you can pop off with a combination of spells and hero powers aimed at enemy minions. And in slower matchups, particularly against decks running Reno Jackson you should aim as much damage at face as possible to try and burst down the opponent as quickly as possible before they can build an unwinnable board, or OTK you in the case of miracle mage. once you've played Tavish, Master Marksman everything should go face unless your opponent is pushing lethal, regardless of matchup.


Individual Cards:

Defend the Dwarven District is the main focus of the deck, and should always be played as your first card unless Peasant was kept, for obvious reasons it should always be kept on mulligan.

Arcane Shot, Overwhelm, and On the Hunt are all in the deck for the similar reason of being 1-cost damaging spells, keep or mull at your discretion, but you generally want at least 2 damaging spells in your opening hand.

Flare is in the deck for cycling purposes, and occasionally to pop secrets or test for counterspell in the secret mage matchup, mull unless going second against secret mage with at least 2 damaging spells in hand

Lowly Squire can push lethal if you lack the resources to kill your opponent immediately after playing Tavish, but isn't much use until the second stage of the quest has been completed, always mull this away.

Peasant is able to cycle for 1 mana and trade or deal 2 to face afterwards, should generally be kept going first or going against Priest, but should be mulled otherwise.

Rapid Fire is able to complete one stage of the quest in a single card, and can deal 8 damage for 2 mana once Tavish has been played, always keep this.

Resizing Pouch can be used with 2 mana left to discover a damaging spell fairly reliably, or 5 to potentially discover Dragonbane and deal massive damage, if necessary it also has a decent chance to discover a damaging spell at 3 or 4, but this is less reliable, always mull.

Toxic Reinforcements can be used to place pressure on the opponent and potentially push lethal, but similar to Lowly Squire is significantly less useful before completing the second stage of the quest, always mull.

Tracking is an essential in any non-even Hunter deck, serving as 1-cost cycling and deck thinning when drawn, and making it easier to manipulate mana for Resizing Pouch but you'd prefer to have a damaging spell in it's slot for your opening hand, always mull.

Wound Prey can offer early board clear in aggressive matchups and counts towards completing the quests, always keep in aggressive matchups, but mull at your discretion otherwise.

Aimed Shot provides a massive amount of potential burst damage, or possible board clear if your opponent is pushing lethal, keep against Shaman and Paladin to snipe Murloc Warleader and Carnival Barker respectively, but mull otherwise.

Voracious Reader can provide a massive amount of draw, drawing up to 3 cards immediately if played with an empty hand, and drawing even more if it survives a turn, always keep and mull Peasant even if going first if you open with this.

Like all odd decks Baku the Mooneater is only there by necessity, and is the worst card in the deck, should always be mulled.

Mystery Winner is an open slot and can be filled by your choice of Mystery Winner, Tour Guide, Lock and Load, or Brave Archer, regardless of your choice always mull these with the exception of Mystery Winner into Shaman and Paladin.

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