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The new Ignite card itself gives room for building an OTK deck. However, a combination with this card can also be made in a reno deck.
Cards for OTK: Sanctum Chandler, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Molten Reflection and Ignite.
However, the way to implement this combination is non-standard. The deck has a minimum of spells so that the Sanctum Chandler gets exactly Ignite from the deck. All other spells can be targeted with the help of Frostweave Dungeoneer
, Starscryer and Mad Scientist, both in advance and in the process of OTK combination with Sanctum Chandler. Sandbinder allow you to get Sanctum Chandler or Zephrys the Great.
It is important to note that the First Flame allows us to get 2 spells after playing the Sanctum Chandler and the Sorcerer's Apprentice, which can allow us to start an OTK combination without a Molten Reflection and Ignite in hand.
OTK combination algorithm:
1) Play Sanctum Chandler
2) Play Sorcerer's Apprentice
3) Play Molten Reflection to Sorcerer's Apprentice
3.1) If Molten Reflection and / or Ignite are still not in hand, but there is First Flame, use them on enemy creatures or Sanctum Chandler in order to get Molten Reflection and Ignite from the deck.
4) Play Ignite until we kill the opponent.

The combo requires 10 mana to play, but the Elemental Evocation and Hot Streak cards will allow you to do this on the 6th turn. You can replace Twilight Flamecaller and Arcane Keysmith with these spells. 

Good luck and melt your way to the top!

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