Guardians of Stormwind

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With the advent of United in Stormwind I decided to build a Guardian Animals (GA) Hunter list!

The main driver of this is Imported Tarantula - not only a great pull from GA but also tradeable so it can go right back into the deck to be pulled if drawn at an untimely moment. Other new cards include Devouring Swarm, great to activate the 5 cost beasts when not pulling from GA, as well as get extra value from some of the early drops (or extra copies of some of the legendaries!). The Rat King is a decent pull from GA but also can get resurrected from the Kolkar Pack Runner's hyenas - for which there's lots of early spells!

Early game involves controlling the board with the 2 drops like pack runner, Wandmaker and spells, and looking for one of the 3 drop legendaries to curve out. Mailbox Dancer adds a coin to your hand - which both has synergy with the pack runner and allows you to fill out the curve or reach GA one turn quicker!

Finally Dire Frenzy adds some late game punch to the second copy of GA if necessary, along with the jack of all trades Resizing Pouch - a cool trick with this is to use it with 1 mana left to look for Devouring Swarm or Serpentbloom which is especially great for the pack runner. Or of course go for a big 9 drop to close out the game!

Happy hunting in Stormwind!

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