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United in Stormwind Quest Priest

This deck is based around the Quest Priest received in United in Stormwind, Seek Guidance, which requires you to play 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 cost cards, essentially curving out and receiving the reward win condition: a 10 mana spell "Destroy the enemy hero", Purified Shard. This deck plays like Control Priest from Forged in the Barrens although it emphasises more on curving out rather than endless resource generation. It includes good, effective curve cards from a large range of mana costs in order to complete the quest.

Gameplan and Card Choices:

We have the core package of Control Priest, cards such as Hysteria, Venomous Scorpid, Palm Reading, Renew to develop defensive & reactive minions and to generate removal spells to survive in the early game.

- Essentially, play Priests toolkit of premium removal & healing spells and new defensive minions on curve to exhaust the Aggro and Midrange decks, eventually slam down your N'Zoth, God of the Deep and your unstoppable "Destroy the enemy hero" Quest reward Purified Shard in slower Control matchups.

- The rarely seen 0 mana Priest spell, Desperate Prayer is very effective in this deck, allowing you to heal and board clear with the 4 cost card Xyrella earlier to progress the Quest. This also combos with Priest of An'she to tempo out a big 5 mana 8/8 taunt similar to Void Drinker, great against Aggro and to progress your Quest.

- The 2 mana card Thrive in the Shadows is very effective as it not only progresses our Quest on turn 2 but also finds respectively costed spells to progress your quest in the coming turns. In the late game, this can even fetch the Quest reward that is shuffled into your deck, Purified Shard, which may be key in mirror matches.

The good old Blademaster Samuro and Apotheosis is still very good despite the nerf, allowing you to clear aggro boards AND heal ridiculous amounts.

- The new Quest support discover card Entrapped Sorceress is premium statted and an auto-include in every quest deck, more so in Priest as discover is premium and it helps progress the later stages of the quest.

- The 3 mana card Archdruid Naralex is very good in Control Priest decks in general, providing highrolls like Ysera Awakens or in our case the 4 mana 7/6 Emerald Drake to curve out efficiently.

- One great card from United in Stormwind is Varian, King of Stormwind tutoring our rush (Blademaster Samuro, Claw Machine), taunt (Lightshower Elemental, Taelan Fordring, Mo'arg Forgefiend) AND divine shield cards (Taelan Fordring).

- The 7 mana card Mutanus the Devourer is a combo disruption and good late game tool in general AND of murloc tribe!

- The buffed N'Zoth, God of the Deep menagerie package is very good for our deck, our deck contains a plethora of defensive & reactive minions from different tribes we curve out to progress our quest, such as the new armor-gaining taunt demon Mo'arg Forgefiend and the minion tutoring rush mech Claw Machine. N'Zoth, God of the Deep can even be a win condition by itself as its effect resummoning these heavy hitting minions will be devastating for some decks.

Card Substutions:

- 1 Against All Odds for another Priest of An'she or Desperate Prayer, might be clunky without Wandmaker and Wave of Apathy

- 1 any 3, 4 cost card for the new useful tradeable tech cards for weapons and silence, Rustrot Viper and Royal Librarian

- 1 Mutanus the Devourer for Mindrender Illucia, depends on what combo deck you are targetting


Enjoy this deck! :) This is my first ever deck creation and guide, thank you so much OutOfCards for providing this opportunity! I'm not very good but I've always wanted to write guides and educational content about Hearthstone.



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