Hunt in Elwynn Forest

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Goal of this deck is to get Sword of a Thousand Truths. We need to copy our boars with cards like Devouring Swarm, Selective Breeder and Northshire Farmer. With addition of Jewel of N'Zoth we should have enough boars to get our sword with 15 attack. I have decided to add Kazakus, Golem Shaper instead of Dire Frenzy or Warsong Wrangler for more survivability. Card draw should be provided by Tracking, Barak Kodobane and Scavenger's Ingenuity. Serpentbloom should be a good card to use on Elwynn Boar and Devouring Swarm.

Best to keep is Selective Breeder, Armor Vendor, Tracking and traps. Against slower classes Northshire Farmer and Kazakus, Golem Shaper are also options.

Early game:
We are mainly preparing for mid-game: playing Selective Breeder, traps, Armor Vendor, Tracking, Mankrik and Flightmaster Dungar if needed (against aggro) for Ironforge flightpath.

This stage of game differs depending on the opponent:

Late game:
If we survived until late game (probably against slow control deck), we should be able to simply equip our sword. If we still need a few more boars, we can play Jewel of N'Zoth to get them and after that we have reached our winning condition.

We can replace Barak Kodobane and Teron Gorefiend with Royal Librarian and second copy of Scavenger's Ingenuity.

Thanks for reading my guide and have fun!

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