Double quest OTK hunter

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All you need to do is complete both quests to get Pharaoh's Warmask for 0 mana that you can refresh by using cheap spell. Better to complete new quest first to have a possibility to complete another one during combo turn. After that use Unleash the Hounds for at least 3 hounds and use this savage hero power combo! Maximum damage is 7 hounds * 9 hero powers (first one, 4 from 0-mana spells and 4 from rapid fire) * 2 + 7 from innate hounds damage + 4 from rapid fire = 137 dmg (+2 dmg if you got new hero power by summoning hounds. And still not maximum, but good enaugh to kill odd warrior). But 3 hounds with 5 hero powers is 33 dmg which is enough for most opponents. You can also use Terrorguard Escapee to have a possibility to summon more hounds. I don't think that this card can help with complition summon quest, but worth to use against control / OTK decks.


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