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Hello, this is a OTK deck that can achieve the One Turn Kill by two main ways:  hiting the enemy with Aldrachi Warblades after playing Jace Darkweaver and Il'gynoth in the same turn or, doing in the usual way, hitting 3 minions with Felscream Blast having a Il'gynoth and two [Hearthstone Card (Mor'arg Artificer) Not Found] in the board (36 damage).

How do you do that: first, you need to gather the otk parts. You will do that by cycling trough your deck fast and geting discounts  for your otk with the Demon Hunter quest, Final Showdown.

You dont need to complete the quest, as your main discount, Skull of Gul'dan, already give you 3 in three cards. One skull + the turn card draw complete the first step of the quest, but there is other ways

Turn draw + Sigil of Alacrity

will finish later

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