Lyra's Dragons are On Fire!

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  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Just For Fun
  • Archetype Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost 8260
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
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      Another budget deck from your fellow deckbuilder, Esparanta. This deck consists of two legendaries, which are Brann and Lyra. I attempted to try building a budget deck before, so I thought: Why not for Priest with a spice of dual tribes (Dragons/Elementals)? I will be honest, I am fed up with facing Big Priests every time. That's why I built this deck to back to basics of Priest class, to return what Priest was used to be.



      Alright, enough with the history. It's time to learn how to play this deck...


Radiant Elemental Card ImageDjinni of Zephyrs Card ImageRadiant Elemental Card Image

Extra Arms Card Image


      Your main plan is about Elementals. Let's say you have Radiant Elemental and Djinni of Zephyrs on-board, with the intention of boosting both of them with Extra Arms. Play Extra Arms on Radiant Elemental. Then, you will see that Zephyrs will boost himself thanks to its ability. Thus, you will have not one but two extra copies of last Extra Arms charge, ready to boost up your other minions to close up the game.


Radiant Elemental Card ImageLyra the Sunshard Card ImageRadiant Elemental Card Image

Extra Arms Card Image


      If this plan didn't work out well, you can try your luck with Miracle approach. On Turn 9, play your minions as illustrated above. Then, play your Extra Arms -and its last charge- to cycle more spells even further. If you also have Shadow Visions, that will be sweet.


Mana Geode Card ImageServant of Kalimos Card Image


      That's not all for Elementals, you still have some tricks up your sleeve. Mana Geode acts as if you are playing Odd Paladin. This Geode acts just like The Silver Hand. If not dealt immediately, you will swarm the board with little Crystals. So, this card is dangerous against Aggro players, which will give you upper advantage if played early. As for Servant of Kalimos, just hope for the best to find Lyra the Sunshard/Radiant Elemental for Miracles.


      Let's move onto your Dragons...


Netherspite Historian Card ImageDrakonid Operative Card ImageFiretree Witchdoctor Card Image


      As evidenced by these cards illustrated above, your Dragons and related cards are support cards. They supply you more resources to continue with your Elemental strategies.


Duskbreaker Card ImageCrowd Roaster Card Image


      For example, clear the board with Duskbreaker to crush Aggro players, which will help you execute Elemental strategies conveniently. As for Crowd Roaster, I think it's advanced version of Shadow Word: Death. Also, having Roaster in-hand will help you proc Dragon-related abilities of cards such as Drakonid Operative.


Brann Bronzebeard Card ImageAzure Drake Card Image


      It's no wonder Brann will supply you more resources, especially when combined with Azure Drake.



      Just ask whenever you have one. Don't be afraid, I will try my best to make Wild friendly when it comes to budgets. As always, have fun in Wild format!


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