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Hello there!

I made this Demon Zoo Deck because i always liked Zoo-ish Decks and i thought everyone who will be up against a warlock will think we are Quest, Handlock or Control - so almost nobody expects Zoo. I decided to go the Demon Route because of the New Card Shady Bartender

Decent Card which is also Tradeable! I also decided to try a lot of Cheap Demons because i added a little Twist to the Deck: Lady Prestor

Even tough i only played her 3 times so far, the outcome can be Huge and Fun.

The Gameplan should be simple - flood the board - maybe buff em up and hit face :) Trading is very situational - and another new Card which is almost everytime unexpected is Battleground Battlemaster which can give us huge Push. 

So far i'm 10-2 with the Deck - starting from Bronze 5 to Gold 5.  We do not have a lot of Draw , except for the Hero Power so i put Cornelius Roame which also acts as some sort of Soft Taunt. 

For the Mulligan you want to look for 1 Drops so you can start Building a Board early on. If you Have Kanrethad Ebonlocke you often times can go crazy on turn 1 or 2 with the right minions in Hand. For example 2x Flame Imp + Kanrethad Ebonlocke or something similiar can be huge early on. And if you follow up with a Wicked Whispers it is most of the Time Game Over for the Opponent.

Demonic Assault is also a new card which not only gives us 2 1/3 minions with Taunt but can clear a minion or either go face. 

You also should try not to over-extend because if you build a wide board with nothing to follow up and the opponent clears the board we often times can not follow - that`s how i got my 1 loss so far. The other One was against a Handbuff Paladin which always cleared the board and Put a 15/15 Taunt in my way :( 

Lady Prestor - like i said in the beginning , this can be absolutely insane but also just mediocre - but you have to think on when to play it - as a last resort maybe - but if you have a decent board you could also try to get some Dragon Advantage with her. If you're behind on board you should defenitely play her becaue the Dragon Battlecrys are usualy better to draw as a 0 Mana 1/1 Imp :) 


If you have the card you can try it - so far i'm having fun! Hope you have too !

Good Luck !

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