Odd Tides of Hagatha and Neptulon (Odd Elemental Shaman)

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  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Archetype Elemental Shaman
  • Crafting Cost 12000
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
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      Queen of Swamps or King of Seas... Who will be victorious? With Odd Elemental Shaman, we can witness their battle...




      It's very simple to guide, which is what you should expect from a Control Shaman...



      Mulligan for these cards illustrated above. If you go second, keep Acolyte of Pain for more draw-power or Haunting Visions to fetch another AOE as backup.



      Don't forget, this deck is based on Elementals. Double the value (Far Sight/Haunting Visions) or double the cleanup (Hagatha's Scheme/Volcano) with Electra Stormsurge. Since she is Elemental, you will activate the abilities of some cards such as...



      If an Elemental is played last turn, you can either fetch an Elemental (Servant of Kalimos) or burn your foes (Blazecaller).



      While Neptulon and Hagatha are fighting with each other, they have to feed Shudderwock with Battlecry cards such as Glacial Shard and Antique Healbot. Otherwise, their kingdom will be lost. Even further, they are ready to sacrifice Murlocs (Neptulon) and Horrors (Hagatha) to protect their homeland at all costs. (I mean, you will be on the losing side if you don't but you get the picture anyways 🙄)


      That's all for today. How do you think the story will end? Who will be victorious? Be the first to share your thoughts or questions and I will do my best to reply. Have fun in Wild format!


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