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Deck plan is simple, mill the opponent where you can to disrupt their game plan, keep the board in check and finish them with a single or double battlecry from c'thun. 

Using a shark alongside coldlight oracle can create massive draws for both you and your opponent meaning you can often mill your opponent when they have very few cards in hand. As long as you have c'thun in hand don't be afraid to mill your own cards to disrupt the opponents deck further.  

bloodmage thalanos and azure drake provide cycling and some nice spell damage to keep the aggro boards in check.  

Whilst there arn't too many c'thun buffers in the deck, with shark you can often trigger c'thun twice to close the game. Or if you have saved a shadow step you can trigger the battlecry potentially 4 times which is enough to finish off high armour decks. 

I'm currently 25-11 with this deck and havnt found an archtype that you dont have a chance vs. 


Let me know your thoughts on the list, and if you enjoy playing the deck! 

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  • lmh98's Avatar 40 1 Posts Joined 07/14/2019
    Posted 2 years ago

    Hey, I found your deck in the weekend spotlight and thought I could try this since I've wanted to enter wild for a long time now (even though I sadly disenchanted Old Legendaries like Thaurissan and Loatheb back then when they rotated :( ) mainly because I just started playing again when RoS was released and stopped during Un'Goro so I wanted to play with all the cards I missed (whole Kobolds and Frozen Throne). For this deck though I had nearly every card.

    I don't know how it really works but somehow it works. Won against Renolock (whose Guldan and Ragnaros got milled) with double C'Thun through Reno and Kingsbane Rogue who prematurely used Myra's in the first two games.

    I guess I don't really have a plan what to do against decks that use their cards aggressively who I can't mill. Can you elaborate what to do against those? I'd guess try to clear with all your damage battlecries and spells until you can C'Thun.

    • Lachlion's Avatar 205 59 Posts Joined 07/11/2019
      Posted 2 years ago

      Thanks for trying the deck! 

      Vs aggro the mill plan tends to go onto the back burner and becomes more of a refill for yourself, try to get value out of Bloodmage Thalanos and Azure drake with Fan of Knives when possible. Use cards like SI:7 Agent and Disciple of C'thun to pick off main threats. Don't get greedy with the main plan, play for survival and use coldlights to refill when you have a good counter to wide boards like vanish. 


      If it's zoolock then often they damage themself enough that an early c'thun can still close the game without being majorly buffed. With even shaman you can take out main threats to mitigate their damage (save shadowstrike for larger Jades where possible). Odd pally is unfavourable due to their consistent wide boards- I'm about 50-50 with a low sample size, I'm sure that figure would decrease for this deck with time - just play around their turn 5 and tempo as much as possible. 


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