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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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    Posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Lots of questions... Most of all, why did I hit 12-0 with this deck?!
    I mean, why would you ever run a wand maker over a nerubian egg? 
    What's so good about deeprun engineer?
    And whyyy is there a selective breeder with a single beast in the deck? Once the draw messes you up, this card is done for. 

    I got some answers during my run, wich demonstrate some genious decisions.

    Deeprun engineer can find stuff like darkmoon tank while providing flexibility and an early play.
    Selective breeder ant Warsong Wrangler don't to draw Deathstrider. With this card in hand, you probably won anyways. Also, the fact that there are no other beasts, allows you to draft a couple beasts during the run without messing up the Deathstalker draw engine. 
    The wandmaker over a nerubian egg is the only thing i dont really understand. 

    The true king has to be Loatheb though. 

    Oh and the 12 wins were done without any deathrattle related passives!
    I got battlecry cost reduction and the adventurers at the start of each turn (extremly strong for board control)


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