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Hearthstone Duels Choices

Mindrender Illucia Card Image
Mind Tether Card Image
Hero Power
Shadow Word: Void Card Image

Miracle Priest with a large minion package is slowly gaining popularity: but why though? Not only does this deckbuilding choice gives you more resources by cycling through your deck or generating new ones, its also a matter of Passive Treasures. In fact, this way you'll be good with both spell-related and Battlecry-related Passives, increasing your odds to pick a synergistic (and therefore useful) Passive for your run.

Getting either All Together Now and Rally the Troops or Fireshaper and [Hearthstone Card (ooops, all spells!) Not Found] means that you'll have a very solid support for you run!

Ultrarotom also gave us some suggestions in regards of the starting deck, as you can see in the tweet below.

Quote From ultrarotom

Void Shard and Holy Fire are good and I used to run them in the past, but I don't bother using them in my starter deck anymore. In the early rounds you win many games due to Shadow Word: Void and/or Voidtouched Attendant anyway.

P.S.: Wipe was able to hit 12 wins with the exact same starting deck, with the only different that they got offered Battlecry-related passives and not spell-related ones. The result, however, was the same!

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Fireshaper

Second pool - [Hearthstone Card (ooops, all spells!) Not Found]

Mind Tether Card Image Shadow Word: Void Card Image

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