WhiteDelight's Reno Shaman

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"2 Rats because you lose if you don't draw Rat anyway. After Ice Fishing pulls Toxfin, 66% for Piper to draw a Rat and turn on Zeph/Reno. Jeweller/Monk/Mindbreaker for Ignite Mage/Odd Hunter/Shadow Priest. Bully to delay Quest Rewards. Unraveler for Alignment Druids."

"Mulligan: keep Sphere, Rat, Ice Fishing, and Primal always. Throw most things way to find a Rat. Keep Storm vs Pirates, Loatheb/Unraveler vs Mage/Druid."

When asked about Dirty Rat targets: "Warlock/Hunter/Warrior quest rewards, Druid/Mage/Rogue combo minions. Rat is also very strong on curve into Aggro Priest (they have no removal, have to run their small minions into it)."

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