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In the past I liked to play Recruit Paladin with many recruit synergies. The new paladin quest made this sort of strategy better and more consistent. I've been trying to optimize this deck since the Stormwind expansion launch and it feels pretty refined now. The quest is complete by the end of turn 4 about 80% of the time meaning the quest reward Cariel Roame is usually played on turn 5. From there, the deck uses buffed recruits to take over the board and win. Due to this unfun meta, I'm playing in wild casual so I do face some top meta decks but also a wide variety of others. I wouldn't recommend playing this deck in wild ranked at diamond or above, use something else if you want to climb. This deck is meant to be played in lower ranks or to have fun in the wild casual meta, which is actually quite nice (not the same 3 decks over and over, and you can always concede to very unfun decks). It has a decent winrate against pirate warrior but is usually too slow to beat questlocks and quest hunters. If people like this sort of deck that's not for ranked climbing but is fun and interesting to play in wild casual and lower than diamond, I'll post others like it and make in depth guides for them too.



Table of Contents

1. Deck Overview - The general idea of the deck and its strengths and weaknesses.

2. Win Conditions - General gameplan and win conditions against different deck types.

3. Mulligans - Some tips for the mulligan.

4. General Tips - General tips on playing this deck and card interactions to watch for.

5. Card Choices - Some insight about the cards included in this deck.


1. Deck Overview

Quest Recruit Paladin focuses on completing its quest as fast as it can to get to the powerful quest reward Cariel Roame whose battlecry gives your silver hand recruits +2/+2 for the rest of the game. This is a very powerful reward that can let you dominate the midgame. Due to your hero power summoning 2 recruits after the quest is complete, it gives a consistent source of pressure even if your initial waves are cleared. The deck is mostly 1 drops, and many of those 1 drops either draw or generate more 1 drops to your hand for fast and consistent quest completion while fighting to keep the board in the early game. If the deck loses the early game, it can comeback by using Animated Broomstick or Lord Barov. Another important aspect of the deck is that Taelan Fordring will consistently get Lothraxion the Redeemed, which will make your recruits even better and harder to remove.



Completing the quest quickly and consistently.

Winning the board in the midgame after turn 5.

Applying consistent waves of the pressure in the midgame.



Losing the early game to decks that can put up above average stats turns 1-4.

Running out of value if a control deck manages to clear a lot of boards and then gains board control.

It is often too slow to defeat combo decks that otk in the early midgame, around turns 5-6.


2. Win Conditions

Against aggro: Use your 1 drops to stall, then win back board control if you've lost it by using Animated Broomstick and either Lord Barov, the quest reward Cariel Roame, or buffed recruits.

Against combo: Complete your quest as soon as you can and push face damage, try to use Desperate Measures and discover secrets from Blessed Goods to get anti combo secrets.

Against control: Don't overcommit on board with your recruit generator spells, try to apply consistent pressure over time using your hero power each turn after you play the quest reward Cariel Roame. Complete the quest the same turn you can play the reward to avoid it getting pulled by a Dirty Rat. Try to play Lothraxion the Redeemed as soon as you can to make your board extra resilient to board clears.

Overall, this deck starts out consistent but kind of slow for wild where it's playing fair 1 drops. However, it has the opportunity to win against aggro and control in the midgame where this deck really thrives. It has one of the strongest midgames of any deck while having a decent early game, comeback potential if it does lose the board, and very consistent waves of pressure with the upgraded hero power in addition to recruit generating spells.


3. Mulligans

Always keep the quest.

Keep any of the following cards that are good for multiple ticks of quest completion: Blessed Goods, Crystology, Desperate Measures, Fire Fly, First Day of School, Knight of Anointment, and Pen Flinger.

Only keep one copy of Blessed Goods and don't keep any if you have a Knight of Anointment.

Consider keeping Animated Broomstick and Lord Barov if you have both in the mulligan.


4. General Tips

Use Pen Flinger and spells strategically so you can use him once for each stage of the quest.

Remember that each quest stage resets which unique 1 drops are counted.

Desperate Measures does not count as a different 1 drop without the twinspell, but you can use it twice in 2 different quest stages to get 2 overall quest ticks.

Keep in mind that the Cariel Roame quest reward will buff existing recruits on the board in addition to all future ones, while Lothraxion the Redeemed only works for future summoned recruits.

Animated Broomstick and Lord Barov is often a full clear.

Animated Broomstick is great with the quest reward Cariel Roame and buffed recruits to take back board control.

You usually want to complete the quest as soon as possible, don't use your upgraded hero power after stage 2 and instead focus on playing more 1 drops.

The exception is when you are against a control deck, they may have Dirty Rat. In these cases try to complete the quest on turn 6 with a 1 drop and then play the quest reward Cariel Roame immediately.

You usually want to get a secret from Blessed Goods as it's a 1 drop for the quest, but don't rush, sometimes you get a good 1 drop divine shield minion. After the quest is complete, you may even want to consider choosing the weapon to push some extra face damage or use it for board control.


5. Card Choices

Quest Completion

Blessed Goods Card Image Crystology Card Image Desperate Measures Card Image Fire Fly Card Image First Day of School Card Image Knight of Anointment Card Image Pen Flinger Card Image

These cards either draw or generate more 1 cost cards. Either way, getting one of these means you can use them to complete multiple ticks of the quest. Since there are so many 1 drops that guarantee 2 or even 3 ticks of quest completion when drawing them, this deck has a good amount of consistency in completing the quest quickly.


Recruit Synergy

Lost in the Jungle Card Image Air Raid Card Image Day at the Faire Card Image Muster for Battle Card Image Lightfused Stegodon Card Image Lothraxion the Redeemed Card Image

Most of these cards summon silver hand recruits, which will be buffed by the quest reward Cariel Roame and by Lothraxion the Redeemed after you play him. Lightfused Stegodon is great for closing out games especially if he offers you Windfury or +3 attack.



Taelan Fordring Card Image Lord Barov Card Image Animated Broomstick Card Image

Taelan Fordring will draw Lothraxion the Redeemed for you, and if he was already drawn Lightfused Stegodon which is also good to have for the midgame. Lord Barov is included to be able to take back lost boards by using your small recruits to trade or by comboing him with an Animated Broomstick. Animated Broomstick is great in general for taking back a lost board by giving rush to your buffed minions in the midgame.


The deck is mostly focused on consistently fast completion of the quest, and in addition contains extra recruit generating cards and cards that buff them. Although the curve looks low, cheap recruit generators and your hero power will be able to generate multiple powerful boards in the midgame.




This deck is focused on quick and consistent completion of the quest to go into a strong midgame of buffed recruits and leveraging them to a win. It's relaxing and pretty straightforward to play, you complete the quest and then have fun with your armies of buffed silver hand recruits. In the future in a slower meta, something like Divine Favor might be useful, but right now the more I refined this deck the more I found it to be better in a lower curve version focused on speed. Write any questions or comments about it below.

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  • anchorm4n's Avatar The Cake Is A Lie 1590 1684 Posts Joined 03/13/2019
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    Thanks for sharing another great deck! If you continue like this, my collection will be full with your lists :D

    I've been toying around with the Paladin QL since release as well, nice to get a refined list from a better deckbuilder now. I'll spend the rest of the month playing this and your Druid deck in dumpster legend :) 

    • Swizard's Avatar Wizard 840 443 Posts Joined 04/30/2020
      Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

      That’s exactly what I do too, I often concede against questlocks to get to lower mmr and at some point you face a wide variety of different decks. Back in Barrens meta I was literally getting above 50% winrates even in diamond with a huge variety of decks such as Gahz’Reno hunter, but that’s just not possible now.

  • Riffraff's Avatar 720 306 Posts Joined 04/30/2020
    Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Great deck guide and effort! I love reading guides like this and seeing the creative work people put in.

  • Swizard's Avatar Wizard 840 443 Posts Joined 04/30/2020
    Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Portrait: Uther Lawbringer

    Cardback: Stormwind


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