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Hello Hunters,

This decklist isn't going to surprise you, but hopefully it results in a few surprises while climbing the ladder.  We got your traditional Quest Hunter wrapped up in some value generation from Devouring Swarm and topped off with Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate.

Believe it or not, this deck started like this and slowly the fast meta broke me down into playing something closer to a meta Quest shell.  What remains is a deck that can race those who want to play combos, but also sit back in the control game against aggro...oh, and there's still Yogg to make things interesting ;D  I took it to D5 this month and am hoping it gets even stronger after the nerfs/buffs coming out tomorrow.


As mentioned above, in general we:

  • Clear the board against aggro
  • Go face against combo
  • Act as the aggressor against control (potentially saving spells for a big burst post quest completion)


I'll almost always keep Quick Shot in addition to the Quest and then...

Against aggro:

Against combo:

  • Aimed Shot (could even bypass Quick Shot to hard mulligan for Aimed Shot given that we don't mind Hero Power on 2)

Against control:

Tips and Tricks

Devouring Swarm is a workhorse in this deck.  Pretty much every minion is worth bouncing back to hand and ideally you'll play your weakest minions first to get 2 or more back.  Card draw, value generation, removal via Venomous Scorpid or Tavish, Master Marksman, and even more Yoggs are all on the table with this fun card.  Keep in mind that you can generate more copies via Scorpid or via Wandmaker if you get Resizing Pouch and play it when you have 1-mana.  

Wound Prey has some nice combo potential with Overwhelm in the early game and Piercing Shot for lethal. 

Manafeeder Panthara gets the most value after your Hero Power costs 0 and helps you cycle in the midgame.  1 copy of Scavenger's Ingenuity lets you tutor this late or nab Venomous Scorpid for a pesky poison beasty.

Professor Slate + Bola Shot is still a fierce combo that makes giants and all sorts of big baddies shudder.

Always play Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate a turn earlier than you really want.  You never want to risk losing a match with a fully loaded Yogg in hand just to squeeze some more value out of him.

Match-up Strategies

Disclaimer - I'm not a great player by any means so take this as merely food-for-thought.

Against Quest Mage

  • I literally won't play minions until a Turn 5 Barak Kodobane or whenever I'm ready to end the game in 2 turns and just want to generate spells/draw cards.  This makes it much tougher for them to progress the quest and you can chip away with Hero Power and spells on your way to quest completion and Mage frustration. 

Against Secret Pally

  • Test for Oh My Yogg! with non-essential spells like the coin, stuff from Wandmaker, Scavenger's Ingenuity, etc.
  • Be mindful of Galloping Savior and use your Hero Power instead of a 3rd spell if you can't deal with the 3/4
  • Keep the board as clear to play around Battleground Battlemaster in the midgame

Against Hand Buff Pally

  • Keep in mind that using a spell to break a Divine Shield won't progress your quest! 
  • As a result, altering your mulligan for minions like Wound Prey and Wandmaker can be useful here.  Bola Shot is also clutch.

Against Quest Handlock

  • Want to burn them down early and can play minions if you got them (death by fatigue damage after their quest completes is a real risk if you just keep removing their threats and try to slowly chip away)
  • Try to avoid leaving small minions on your side in the mid-late game so that they have to damage their own board to heal.  
  • Save Professor Slate for (resurrected) Giants or Venomous Scorpid + Devouring Swarm

I'll try to come back and list more match-ups later.

Potential Replacements

Earlier versions ran some secrets via Explosive Trap, Rinling's Rifle, and Mystery Winner, but I opted for more direct damage spells and card draw in the final version.

I've also run Cornelius Roame, but found myself drawing it as a brick too often and ended up replacing with Manafeeder Panthara and Scavenger's Ingenuity for on-demand cycle in the late game.  I also tried running more draw like a 2nd copy of Scavenger's and Taelan Fordring to tutor Yogg but ended up needing to run more burn to progress the quest in combo match-ups.

I loved running 2 copies of Resizing Pouch but had to give up on the ultimate value dream for faster quest progression.


And that about covers it.  This may not be my favorite meta, but there's still fun to be had while Yogg remains in Standard :D

Happy Hunting!

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