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After going 7-3 a few days ago, I decided to give another shot to this version of Token Druid: while I didn't get offered anything really impactful as a tier 1 Passive, I got Greedy Gains, which is exactly was this starting deck is built for, and I managed to get a flawless run (the first ever with Druid)!

To be fair, this deck was created by AgentCroque, who also hit 12 wins with. I only changed Vibrant Squirrel and Nerubian Egg for Wisp and Desk Imp, which were changes hinted by Croque themselves.

The first few matches were rather close (especially the first one, against a Command the Elements Shaman that kept clearing my board except when they didn't, and Savage Roar finished them off), but after getting Greedy Gains it felt like I was playing on a different level than anyone else.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Small Pouches

Second pool - Greedy Gains

Harvest Time! Card Image Greedy Gains Card Image

Deck Overview

Classic Token Harvest Time! Druid: you slowly build and buff your board in order to choke your opponents in the first few turns without leaving them the chance to stabilize and eventually run you out or resources.

You run very few minions, which is because you want to hit either Greedy Gains, Party Replacement or Spreading Saplings and gain the most out of it.

Mulligan Tips

Always Keep - Sow the Soil (turn 1 unit), Wisp/Desk Imp (unit to play on turn 2 alongside Harvest Time!), 

Possible Keeps - Nature Studies, Thorngrowth Sentries (if you are on coin), Adorable Infestation (if you already have Wisp/Desk Imp in your starting hand).

Playstyle Tips

Harvest Time! - Always make sure to be able to use your Hero Power as much as possible. Sometimes you'll prefer playing a Power of the Wild over it, but that doesn't change the fact that you want to get wide in no time.

Board Control - Being an aggro deck, your success passes through the control of the board: if you manage to keep it, chances are you're going to win. However, don't fret: you usually win with big swing turns thanks to Savage Roar/Solar Eclipse shenanigans, so most of the times all that matters is that you manage to keep a board for just one turn.

Trade - For this reason, don't be afraid to value trade a unit and then Harvest Time! the leftover body. Sure, excess trading may be detrimental for your game plan, but just going face without thinking about what your opponent may do to you in the following turn isn't very smart either.

Hero Power, Signature Treasures and Actives & Passives

Harvest Time! Card Image

Harvest Time! is making a comeback after the recent balance patch, and I genuinely don't know if I should be happy or not. If there's no counter, this strategy is very likely to become quite insufferable, but... eh... let's see.

Warden's Insight Card Image

You'll almost always use this Signature Treasures for the Token effect rather than for the Mana refresh one. To be precise, Warden's Insight starts getting decent at 3 mana (literally a better Landscaping), and scales nicely from that point, especially if you pair it with Composting or Power of the Wild.

Small Pouches Card Image

I got offered three pretty 'normal' tier 1 Passives, and I thought having an additional card in the starting hand would've been quite cool, plus I wanted to try out something new. I cannot reasonably say that I recommend you picking Small Pouches, but it's a nice alternative if you don't see anything better.

Better picks are Recycling, Rhonin's Scrying Orb and Ever-Changing Elixir.

Greedy Gains Card Image

If you get either Greedy Gains, Party Replacement or Spreading Saplings you can consider to have found exactly what you were looking for and you're probably going to have a good run. Getting a bonus +2/+2 on units you summon (not play) without having to suffer the consequences, especially if you have Harvest Time! and can generate two 4/4 Treants with each use.

Gentleman's Top Hat Card Image

A +2/+2 buff that you can easily transfer to your other minions when you pop them with Harvest Time!? Yup, we want it. Particularly good Active Treasure that is going to generate a lot of headache to your opponent and that is very likely to make them waste some resources.

Creepy Curio Card Image

Another-unit summoning effect that synergizes with Greedy Gains and shuffles an even better version of itself into your deck? Yeah, we want this one as well.

LOCUUUUSTS!!! Card Image

7 mana deal 28 damage with Twinspell. Do I need to add anything?

Final Observations

Deck is good, especially if you hit the right Passives, and... that's it. Your game plan is pretty straightforward, so missing on your Passives may hurt a lot, so just don't miss.

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