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Could the true goal of E.V.I.L.'s effort be reaching the Crystal Core?

Maybe (probably not) (it's not), but yours is!

This Quest Rogue might seem normal, but don't let it fool you - leave that for your opponent.

1) Phantom Militia is your only main Quest finisher that also helps you fight aggro. The fact that you dont need anything else with this minion to complete the Quest means there is more room for other cards in the deck.

2) Nerubian Egg is here to cause trouble. Now, this is just theorycraft (didn't try this deck, f2p btw), but since you're playing Quest Rogue, I'm guessing your non-aggro opponent will be at least a little bit freaked out. To kill or to let it be played 4 more times? That is indeed the question.

However, if it stays untouched, you can eventually play Mossy Horror or Doomsayer to crack some spider eggs.

3) And of course, Recurring Villain. The most EVIL minion in your deck, he draws his power straight from the Core's core (Is that a thing?) and reaches UNLIMITED POWER! So why not have MORE unlimited power (ok, that can't be a thing, more unlimited) by using Lab Recruiter, Sonya Shadowdancer and Valeera the Hollow?


Again, just some theorycrafting, but Recurring Villain could be insanely broken in Quest Rogue if a streamer ever figures out this combo.

P.S. Don't blame me if you drop to rank 50 with this. You're just playing it wrong :)

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