Firestone - 12 Wins Token Druid

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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Hero Power
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In case you'd like to play a more minion-focused Token Druid, here's a 12 Wins starting deck directly from Firestone's archives. While Hold the Line increases your Taunts' impact on the board (trading into them will be more taxing, so you'll either have more targets for Harvest Time! or your opponent's side of the board won't be much crowded), Mummy Magic is bussing, especially with Deathrattle units that have a spawn effect - extra layers of threats are particularly good in swarm strategies, as they allow your AoE buffs and such to land with a higher probability.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - Hold the Line

Second pool - Mummy Magic

Harvest Time! Card Image Warden's Insight Card Image

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    The perfect deck


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