Dsorrow's 12 Wins Elemental Shaman

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

Instructor Fireheart Card Image
Ferocious Flurry Card Image
Hero Power
Tempest's Fury Card Image

Although remarkably toned down in order to avoid part of the mana cheat it previously got us used to, the Battlecry synergy is back, and with it all the archetypes that heavily relied on it in order to succeed. Elemental Shaman is the prime example of what we're talking about, and Dsorrow was able to get to 12 wins just a few hours after patch 21.6, showing us how the ATN/RTT combo was vital for Instructor Fireheart.

The starting deck doesn't leave much to imagination, as it's basically returned to the usual build: the only unusual inclusion is Auctionhouse Gavel, probably included to diminish the Passives' cost cap.

Passive Treasures Chosen

First pool - All Together Now

Second pool - Rally the Troops

Ferocious Flurry Card Image Tempest's Fury Card Image

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