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My favourite deck got two new tools in the miniset and got much, much better. With the addition of the birb you can now drop more damage without having to run the beast doubler. The biscuit is a great deathrattle activator against strong minions and provides cycling when you don’t have what you need in hand. 


Augmented Porcupine Card Image

Always and without fail be looking for your porcupine. Also look for Selective Breeder it is an essential turn 2 play. Scavenger's Ingenuity and Warsong Wrangler are less good because the first won’t always get you the spiky boi and the second is too slow for the early game. Tracking is pretty good too.

Early Game

You should be doing everything in your power to get the porcupine on the board by turn 3. It sets up the deathrattle for the parrot. If it survives, look to copy it into your deck with either Dire Frenzy or Northshire Farmer. If you have Tracking, use it to get what you need if you have your beast, Serpentbloom is essential for the mid game. 

Mid Game

Prioritize buffing and copying the porcupine. Never be without one in hand or deck. If you have your Serpentbloom, use it and your deathrattle triggers to clear problematic boards. Devouring Swarm can also be extremely useful for getting in extra attacks and refilling you hand. Getting another Wrangler can make a huge difference. Parrots are great here for extra spray damage and a good body on board, not having to rely on the deathrattle makes your damage more immediate and effective. The biscuit is useful here to help maintain a clear board by rushing into enemy minions or drawing more beasts.

Late Game

If you managed to make it to turn 7 or 8, start looking to finish your opponent with a big burst with Goblin Prank. It’s often enough to finish an opponent after you hit that end turn button and is a very satisfying way to finish a match.

Honourable Mentions

Shan'do Wildclaw provides great flexibility throughout the game and is a fair turn 3 tempo play if you didn't manage to get you spiky boi in hand. If you feel you opponent is giving you the space, I highly recommend you wait for the greed play and copy a large boi on board. Scrap Shot is one of the weakest inclusions and desperately wants to do 4 damage in many situations. Still, it pays off two turns later /s :-P

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