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Hi ladies and lads. I would like to briefly talk about a long forgotten card which is so forgotten,that even hearthstone Wild meme streamers don't think about it.


Now we all know that Warlock has iconic Hero cards. Jaraxxus was incredibly mighty back in the day, being the finishing force in Handlock or LoE Renolock too. In fact it was so iconic,that it was reworked into Hero card, giving him a great immunity to Demon Pact,providing 5 Armor and removing 15 HP cap.


Bloodreaver Guldan. Turns out if you Corrupt already Corrupted Shaman you get a late game bomb which is still relevant to this day. It is a backbone for any Warlock deck which has chances to extend game to turn 10. One of the strongest Hero cards to ever exist and it is so powerful,that it invalidated the Eredar Lord


And the most iconic Hero card out of 3. (Not really hah). The mighty Galakrond. Basically it provides Odd Paladin wincon to Warlock. Out of all the Galakronds, this was the least appearing one in Wild format. Rogue Galakrond was backbone of the Pillager Rogue. Galakrond Shaman was relevant for a couple days as strong Tier 2 deck upon the release. And there were crazy Priest cultist trying to claim the Galakronds superiority in late game over Shadowreaper Anduin. What did Warlock Galakrond did? Well, it was summoning Howlfiends with it's Battlecry making it absolutely horrible card. On top of that it was just poormans Bloodreaver Guldan, and it remains in that position to this day.


Here I am trying to change that at least a little bit. Therefore I present you this Token/Midrange deck which celebrates this worst Warlock Hero card:

*Odd Paladins Brother*


Now the closest deck which this can be compared to is Odd Paladin. It basically does the same,it swarms the board over and over again. You have 2 "Quartermasters" in form of Malganis and Kronx. You also have the "Grandpa" of Arbor Up=Fiendish Rites. What deck really stands out is it's stickiness to the board. It creates board every turn, with 2 hard resets in form of Plague of Flames. On top of that Warlock Galakrond pool has greatly improved, mainly because of the introduction of Demon Hunter class. What it really stands out compared to Odd Paladin is it's later stages of the game. Where Warlocks Demon package provides both defense and pressure. It also doesn't feel that clunky to run because you have manachesting mechanics in form of Voidcaller and Willow.



*Why is the deck constructed this way?*


For the early game we have Eggs and Evil Genius. It provides a good board presence which actually doesn't feel so terrible even against Pirate Warrior. It also creates this akward situation for your Control/Midrange opponent, where he wants to play AOE or Control the board fully but the eggs Deathrattle make it akward to do properly. 


Big Demon Package is just good. There's nothing really else to say. You are already familiar with it and you know why it is good. It is good defense and pressure tool which can come as early as mid game. Making it a good tool to overtake the board and start SMORcing the opponents face


Galakrond and his followers: This is actually not so terrible as it sounds like. Because it makes a consistent waves of threats,it draws cards and the Galakrond itself has improved due to bigger Demon pool. Kronx is poormans Zeph which will provide a board buff,burst to face,8/8 Taunt or AOE. 


Plague of Flames makes a good board reset in case you start losing the board. And because of stuff like Eggs and Voidcallers there is actually a chance that you will get ahead by playing this card. It is a good AOE clear in this deck and makes much more sense than Defile


The 29th and 30th cars of the deck is Touch of the Nathrezim. It provides some heal. But you might as well replace it with anything really. Things like Dirty Rat makes sense for me because that will give you some actual fighting chance against Combo decks



*Deck weaknesses*


Well. It manacheats badly. It doesn't have crazy midgame combo finisher. And it also doesn't have a lot of healing to outheal decks like Questline Hunter. Therefore it is definitely not a Tier 1,2 and maybe Tier 3 deck.



*Do I actually win games with this?*


Actually you have some chances into some meta decks. You can have back and forth games against PWar, Warlock decks and even Control decks like Renowok or Questline Reno Priest. Outside of that it is pretty good into other people homebrews. Because of the fact that you swarm the board from turn 2 onward



*Big Demon package but no DK Guldan. This is blasphemy!!!*


No. The Blasphemy is DK Guldan summoning 7 1/1 Imps. He doesn't seem to like to work with Galakrond.



For the final paragraph there is nothing that much to say. This is just a sweet deck and take on the worst Warlock Hero card. Play this if you want to explore the deck building ideas and as a breath of fresh air. Because I haven't seen anyone in a couple years playing Galakrond Warlock


May your cards be sharper than the emotes of Nemsy.

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    Cool deck, got me to win some games while doing daily quests, thanks :)

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      Thank you for the kind words ^^


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