Bomb Pop (Wild Frost Shaman Prototype)

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This one is still a huge Work in Progress.  DO NOT PLAY THIS DECK!!!

First, why is it called "Bomb Pop"?!?!  Because much like the tri-colored and tri-flavored popsicle treat, I don't have a set flavor for this deck (yet).

Trying to find the real direction of the deck outside of wanting to meme with freeze effects (Moorabi) and frost spells (Bearon Gla'shear).  I even included Living Dragonbreath in hopes of making Cryostasis into a useable buff!

Galakrond, the Tempest and other Invoke cards included due to Invocation of Frost being a good fit for the deck.  Considering going full Elemental package or maybe full Murlocs for better early tempo plays.  Might depend on how board centric the Wild meta is and if [Hearthstone Card (Firemancer Flurgal) Not Found] + Toxfin ends up being really helpful.  Plus the Ice Fishing to draw them pumps up Bearon by 1 elemental.

Could also slot in a Jade package and some low cost cards that summon minions to get Vanndar Stormpike online...  Just not sure yet.



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