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Yesss, that's right boys… RENO Warlock


Just quickly want to say, that I'm really big fan of any Reno deck variation, so on my profile you can find mostly Reno decks (except few) for almost all classes (except few, but it's in process) - so just click on that profile and find the one which u just wanna try out (unfortunatelly some of them are still unlisted) - but still don't forget to upvote or write some comment! And now… let's start! 


(Winrate is from ranks 20 - 3)

This Reno variation is one of my favourites Warlock decks out there. Personally Warlock is the only class for now with which I need to change decks to respond to meta shifts.

This version includes Mecha'thun package. To make it short it's the easiest finisher against some control decks, but it's less efficient agaisnt aggro or combo decks, which are quicker than you.

The more anti-aggro version you can find here -

From results I have on HSReplay my Winrate is about 60% from around 40 RECORDED games. I created this deck previous season and succesfully reached rank 3. (I was not trying to reach a Legend, for everyone who is interested)

That also mean that I don't have that many games to work with. N'zoth version's WR is about 63% from almost 70+ games, so you can make a picture of both decks.


My decks are still being updated, so in case that anything will chage with the new expansion or just because of the meta change, I will always try to update all decks as usual.

Informations about deck, winrate, card choices will be updated soon as the new expansion hits my collection.

19.7.2019 - Some ''decks with no duplicates'' cards being printed to HS for Mage, Hunter, Druid and Paladin. All of these decks will be updated as soon as they will be tested.

If you wanna see me testing them, or just looking for interesting Wild Content check -

Good Luck and Have Fun

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