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This theorycraft deck is a C'Thun Mage that uses Balinda Stonehearth or Clumsy Courier to cheat out Iceblood Tower, which can then use its end of turn effect to cast one or more pieces of C'Thun and turbo out the Old God to end the game.

Don't worry if you think the deck is too straight-forward: we've also gone heavily into Casino Mage style shenanigans with Rune of the ArchmageMagister Dawngrasp, and Solarian Prime, because no game is complete without making our opponents tear their hair out in frustration.

Quick shout-out to our favorite potential synergy: a Turn 6 Balinda Stonehearth into turn 7 Celestial Ink Set plus a (now) 5 Cost spell to reduce the cost of the other 5 Cost spell to 0.

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    and if Balinda draws 2 C'thun Spells...


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