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Standard's best kept secret is Hunter's best Deathrattle combo piece: Mok'Nathal Lion. Thanks to good ol' Mokky here, we can copy the Deathrattles of minions like Stormpike Battle Ram before they're triggered, which means we get extra Cost reduction without the extra headache. And what Beast will we be reducing the Cost of? Why, Humongous Owl, of course.

Here's the idea:

1. We play Stormpike Battle Ram, then copy its Deathrattle either with Mok'Nathal Lion or with a Revive Pet.

2. We Discover a Humongous Owl with Warsong Wrangler. It now Costs 3.

3. We play Humongous Owl and copy it with Shan'do Wildclaw, then also copy the Deatthrattle with a Mok'Nathal Lion.

4. We kill our Humongous Owls with either Devouring Swarm or Trueaim Crescent.

5. We use Revive Pet and do the whole thing over again with Faceless Manipulator.

While this deck might not be "good" in the strictest sense of the term, it does have a lot of draw as well as the ability to assemble its combo with the minimum of hassle. We're also running cheap damage spells and Beaststalker Tavish to stall the game just long enough to pull off our incredibly specific combo. But hey, if you're combos aren't specific, then you probably aren't trying hard enough.

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