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Hearthstone Duels Choices

Instructor Fireheart Card Image
Stormcatcher Card Image
Hero Power
Chaos Storm Card Image

somehow galakronds are still illegal in this mode.

survive into lategame, use storm with duels heropower in control mirrors(getting a guidance wins you the game, also cycling your lightning storms)
get a brukan face on, push. 

good treasures- spd, tempo, cost reduction
good packs- 4 mana + minions as alternate wincon/ pressure, also more removal won't hurt.

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    I forgot to put mulligans into primer:

    outlander dh
    ping priest
    landmines warrior
    weapon druid- rain/surge

    token dh
    diablo 3
    recruit pal
    token druid- perpetual/chain/lightning storm/coin+volcano

    rush warrior
    shaman - missiles, hand, frostbite

    diablo 6
    resurrect paladin
    hunter- missiles, snowball, shock

    notetaker is kept with the left most card in the guide
    fireheart is kept always

    that section will be upgraded as I play more duels next season.


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