[Alterac Valley] Freeze Y'Shaarj Bolner OTK Shaman

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Works well against minion based decks. Sadly, Owl OTK seems to be faster. 


> Multicaster draws at least two cards if you played Windchill + 1 other Nature Spell

> Brilliant Macaw is very versatile. You can use it to draw 2 cards, freeze the entire board, chain discover or call upon the power of two elements. 

> Diligent Notetaker + Windchill

> Snowfall Guardian and Bru'kan of the Elements corrupts your 4-cost cards.

> Primal Dungeoneer has a huge chance of drawing two cards, since all spells are Nature except for Windchills. You also have 6 elementals in your deck. 

> 3 out of 4 of Brukan's hero power are good stalls. 

> If you don't know the OTK yet. It's Bolner + Lightning Bloom + Y'Shaarj -> Then APM Use all Dunk Tank to face then Cicrus Medic, Repeat.


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