Fire, Walk With Mozaki

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Originally I did not intend for this list to use Ignite at all. But in the court of public opinion, Sorcerer's Apprentice being four instead of something reasonable like three mana...yeah, you get the rest. Here we are. I won't let Ignite die so easily. Might as well incorporate it here as it is a cheap and effective finisher for 'Mo.


Vanndar Stormpike is really important, if not the most relevant card for this list. You want him to hit one or both of your other minions. Never toss him back in the hope of something better - Mozaki costing 2 is rather significant.

Next of importance is a two-way tie between Incanter's Flow and Siphon Mana. Once again, the value of these shift around a bit. If it's a list that is minimal on board presence then Incanter's Flow pulls out ahead. Probably have to do some board clearing? Then Siphon Mana is the winner. Just use it sparingly; you only get two and you want it to hit heavier combo pieces that were not hit by Incanter's.

Card draw is also relevant, with the noted exception of Refreshing Spring Water which I'll get into later. In order of importance Arcane Intellect comes first. It's still reasonable resource generation at a good cost. Next up is the first copy of Cram Session. Two mana to draw one card is far from bad. Research Project is next. Use this wisely. If it's a slower archetype it isn't the worst thing to try and force a mill. If it's a more aggressive match up that has poor card draw, use discretion. The second Cram Session should be saved for a hand refill once Mozaki is in tune and on time.

About Refreshing Spring Water. This is what makes all of this feasible. A four or lower cost spell that gives you back mana is how you're going to have the resources to win without the apprentice. You can use one if you need resources NOW but do not squander both. You have far less margin for error with this list.

Conjure Mana Biscuit also bears mention regarding cards to respect. With the apprentice being dead, if you can get this reduced then that means more fuel for Mozaki turns and hand refill from Cram Session.

Mid importance are all of your defensive tools. Ice Block varies in relevance. It's still a lifeline - treat it with the respect it deserves. First Flame and Ray of Frost are also important for buying you time. Don't shy away from using them to stay in the game if you have to. The zero cost spells and mana refills are what will help you get across the finish line with this archetype.

Also of mid importance are your finishers, Runed Orb and Ignite. Keep in mind Ignite pulls out a little bit ahead, but only slightly due to the fact this list is all about cycling. So spending mana to clean up the board with Ignite so you can save one-and-done resources for later on is far from the worst thing ever.

Lower still are all of your lost / zero cost spells and combo enablers. Hot Streak, Molten Reflection namely. They are combo enablers but not hugely important without a minion to make copies of.

Taelan Fordring is still decent. Delay, testing for annoying secrets, just an all-around solid 5 drop.

Mozaki, Master Duelist should not be slammed down unless you are in go mode. Don't instantly forfeit if you cannot get her down to 2 mana, there are still ways to get there. If you can reduce cost of your heavier spells and mana refill, there is still a fighting chance.

Best of luck setting people's toes on fire out there.


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