Freeze Evolve Shaman! (2000 Legend)

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General Strategy

Freeze Package let's you survive until your swing turn.

Canal Slogger and Stormpike Marshal slows down aggro so you can reach your swing turn.

Great new additions to the 6-Drop pool for Tiny Toys to Evolve to. Mr. Smite, Legionnaire, Fel Walker, Undying Disciple, Icehoof Protector

Great new addition to the 10-Drop pool for Goldshire Knoll to Evolve to. Lok'holar


Against OWLTK or Quest Warlock

-> They have difficulty in clearing huge bodies. You can cheese this matchup by evolving Knoll as early as possible. They will have difficulty removing if you evolve it into a 7 health or more minion, and if they do, it will cost them a lot of resource. Which you can use to comeback with Tiny Toys swing turn. If you can evolve a Knoll into a Lok'holar, Deathwing or 7/7 Taunt guy and they can't clear, they usually concede.

->You can cheese it like the one above or you can just do a safer and more consistent strat which is Boggspine Knuckles into Tiny Toys.


Against Trogg

Mulligan for Revolve or Goldshire Knoll. Or just keep playing low cost minions. All your low-cost minions can contest Trogg, and refills your hand which makes Goldshire Knoll consistently cheap. Use Goldshire Knoll to kill it. Canal Slogger works too.


Against Midrange Pally / Libram Pally

A well-timed Revolve will mess their plan. Try to do it when it improves your board as well. You're not usually dead by turn 5, if you did the early turns correctly.

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