[Duels] AgentCroque`s 12 Win Secret Hunter

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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This deck tries to overwhelm the opponent early by flooding the board with petting zoo and the emerald spellstone. The passive hero power provides value, in case you need to push further after that. Dun Baldar Bunker is an amazing card in this deck, and ram tamer allows you to push for a lot of damage if you get them out early. In buckets, look exclusively for secret synergy. If you cant find any, take beast synergy. My treasure combination was mysterious tome (insanely good with petting zoo, always pick it) and oops! all spells to push for petting zoo with secrets much earlier (I had frequent turn 2 petting zoos for 4 3 3s)

This deck will probably struggle If you do not hit oops all spells or khadghars scrying orb, but things like meek mastery go well with the passive HP. Fireshaper should also be a great alternative for tome.

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