[Duels] AgentCroque`s 12 Win Soul Warlock

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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Very powerful board based deck. Hard Mulligan for 1 or 2 drops, in game 1 definitely look for spirit jailor at all times.

Try to find All together Now or Ever changing elixir, then look for rally the troops. This deck suffers a lot if you do not hit those passives, so keep that in mind.

In buckets, prioritize soul shard generating Cards, after that battlecry synergy. If you have RTT look for tempo generating active treasures, if you don`t probably look for value generation.

This deck gets carried by Demonizer in late games, always keep it if you are deep in your run.

I recommend replacing Dr. Boom with a face pressuring card like Alexstrasza the lifebinder or Battlegrounds battlemaster. I added him as an inside joke.

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