Highlander Undatakah Paladin

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The idea is simple, you have to play Immortal Prelate + Abomination + Tunnel Blaster through the game to feed your deathrattle pool, then play Da Undatakah and buff it.

If you suspect your opponent to play silences, use Baleful Banker on the same turn as your big boy. If you are in lethal range, play Sunfury Protector on the same turn, otherwise, play Lightforged Blessing on it.

The deck isn't new, but because the combo requires a lot of different cards, I thought it could be the best combo Paladin deck to play with [Hearthstone Card (Sir Finlay of the Sands) Not Found], which can give you a more control hero power. In fact, very few hero power are bad in this deck.

  • Hunter is horrible
  • Rogue is risky
  • Paladin is meh

All other hero powers are good. Especially Warrior's, against aggro or bomb matchup, and Warlock, to draw.

Yeah idk it might be bad, I'll see.

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