MILL ROGUE IS FUN & STRONGER IN 2022! THANKS BLIZZARD! Fractured in Alterac Valley | Hearthstone

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MILL ROGUE IS FUN & STRONGER IN 2022! THANKS BLIZZARD! Fractured in Alterac Valley | Hearthstone

Probably one of the most hated and toxic deck in history of Hearthstone.

The real question is why they never nerfed it, why would you not even say anything about it. Why would you keep it like this. It's really fun to play with it, but on the other side of the bridge, your opponent is swallows suffering with smile.


Keep any card draw and that is - Murloc Tastyfin, Coldlight Oracle & Prize Vendor, and you can muligan all the rest. The goal of this deck is to make your opponent to draw as much cards as possible, to mill and overdraw most of opponent's deck. To keep the board in check you have Cloak of Shadows, Vanish, Shadowcrafter Scabbs & Valeera the Hollow, enough tools to win most of games.

Good luck!

My opponents:

00:00 Secret Big Paladin

09:28 Questline Stormwind Rogue

16:08 Secret Drek'Thar Paladin

Deck code:


# Class: Rogue

# Format: Wild

# # 2x (0) Preparation # 2x (0) Shadowstep # 1x (1) Armor Vendor # 2x (1) Glacial Shard # 1x (1) Togwaggle's Scheme # 1x (2) Evasion # 2x (2) Lab Recruiter # 2x (2) Prize Vendor # 2x (2) Sap # 1x (2) Tenwu of the Red Smoke # 1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard # 2x (3) Coldlight Oracle # 2x (3) Deathlord # 2x (4) Cloak of Shadows # 2x (4) Murloc Tastyfin # 1x (5) Antique Healbot # 2x (6) Vanish # 1x (8) Shadowcrafter Scabbs # 1x (9) Valeera the Hollow # AAEBAZvDAwj1D4UXgNMC3+MCr5EDw+EDkuQD+4oEC8QBzQP4B/4Nl8EC4PoC4okD4t0DtuED9p8E958EAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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