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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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Deck is fairly simple to play, mulligan for soul cards ESPECIALLY spirit jailer, that guy is completely broken in this deck. Try to play on curve as hard as possible and pick up rally the troops as your Pool 2.
In buckets pick soul cards (duh), spirit jailer being the most powerful one. Then take board centric buckets if possible. Felosophy is also a nice pickup!
The Zola in your deck is not really meant to copy any specific card, but loves copying jailer and demonizer the most.

Swarm the board as hard as possible, then overwhelm the opponent with your minion pressure. If they manage to reclaim the board, clear it with dreadlich tamsin or just finish them off with Alexstrasza. Because this deck is quite swarmy, treasures like Royal gift are incredibly good. If you have Rally the troops, sow the seeds is also great. As always, Book of the dead is super deadly in this. I ended up picking a watchpost bucket, and crossroads watchpoast absolutely ruined a few spell based opponents as well - keep an eye out for non soul cards that work with wide boards or are good at securing wins!

Good luck out there!

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