Book of C'Thun

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I've been playing Hearthstone since January 2015. This is the first of many decks I will upload, mainly fun wild decks that are not exactly competitive but pretty consistent.

With this deck, you want to mulligan for Book of Specters and then control the board with Doomsayer and Daring Fire-Eater/Meteorologist, while buffing up your C'Thun. Khadgar can be used with either Jana'lai or Twin Emperor Vek'lor for a board that has to be answered. I usually save Brann Bronzebeard for value with Antique Healbot or basically any other battlecry, but mostly for healing. Frost Lich Jaina should almost always be played as soon as possible because then you can start healing more off of Ragnaros. On the off-chance Emperor Thaurissan sticks for 2 turns, you can Brann + C'Thun. C'Thun is the main win condition of this deck with Ragnaros as a back-up although not as reliable. 

I am thinking of reworking the deck to include N'Zoth and deathrattle/taunt minions for maximum greed, but I am open to suggestions. Let me know how this deck works for you and any advice on changing the deck.



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