Weapon-Based Warrior (Wild)

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In general, warrior's weapons deal huge amount of damage in cost of lower durability. This deck is build to take advantege of those weapons and the existing sinergies.



The source of damage in this deck is the weapons, with few finishers to reach the final lifepoints. In general the first 3-4 turns are just to set up the cards you need. Forge of Souls directly add 2 weapons to your hand. [Hearthstone Card (Grimestreet Pawnbroker) Not Found] upgrade your any weapon in your hand, setting bigger threads.

There are 2 main aproaches to this deck. Upgrading Arcanite Reaper, gives a big burst in the mid-game, but may fail in longer matches. On the other hand Wrenchcalibur deal less direct damage, but can set even more damage on the oponent deck. In general you may choose your line based on what [Hearthstone Card (Grimestreet Pawnbroker) Not Found] buff (it's really a good buff).

It is important to consider that this deck have 2(3) weaknesses.

  • The most obious is Taunt minions. Each charge of the weapon waste on trading a minion mean a waste of damage. Spellbreaker, [Hearthstone Card (Dyn-o-matic) Not Found], Warpath or even Slam should minimice the need of interacting with minions. Alternatively any minion in board it's a better option for trade (if possible).
  • Armor and Healing are the other weakness. In the case of healing may can be overpass by the damage deal if you could achieve a big weapon (for example an 8/4 Arcanite Reaper). Dr. Boom, Mad Genius may give the extra value to keep in the fight in longer matches. In the case of armor gaining the deck may not reach the gaining of 30-40 armor (which is not that strange).

Warpath, Brawl and Dyn-o-matic are included to keep the board under control.



The opening hand should incorpore Forge of Souls. The deck lacks of other good turn 2, and this card draws the damage of the deck filtering the draw. Alternatively the turn 2 should be Hero power.

Probably the best turn 3 is Grimestreet Pawnbroker. It leaves a good body and upgrade the win condition. As long as you hold a weapon in hand (what is quite likely) it should be always be good in starting hand.

The rest of cards depend of the matchup. Against more agressive decks Warpath, Dyn-o-matic or Eternium Rover should keep the board under control. Agains slower decks you can leave Shield Block to snowball the weapon upgrades, or Kor'kron Elite to keep presure on your opponent.



  • Gorehowl is a good inclusion. It can be used as a damage source or to trade minions.
  • Hobart Grapplehammer may be a good inclusion, as the deck lacks of turns 2.
  • Hack the System will be a good inclusion. It guaranties the turn 1 and let develop board presence in the mid game. Both Eternium Rover can be replace by this card. This card also make Dr. Boom, Mad Genius less relevant to keep value on the late game.
  • Fiery War Axe can replace the Wrenchcalibur. It is less efective, but it lets start pushing damage before.

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